The Art of Thinking Clearly


About the Book: The Art of Thinking Clearly

Have you ever…

Invested time in something that, with hindsight, just wasnt worth it?

Overpaid in an ebay auction?

Continued doing something you knew was bad for you?

Sold stocks too late, or too early?

Taken credit for success, but blamed failure on external circumstances?

Backed the wrong horse?

These are examples of cognitive biases, simple errors we all make in our day to day thinking. But by knowing what they are and how to spot them, we can avoid them and make better choices whether dealing with a personal problem or a business negotiation trying to save money or make money working out what we do or dont want in life, and how best to get it.

Already an international bestseller, The Art of Thinking Clearly is essential reading for anyone with important decisions to make. It reveals, in 100 short chapters, the most common errors of judgement, and how to avoid them. Simple, clear and always surprising, this indispensable book will change the way you think and transform your decision making at work, at home, every day

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Author Bio

Amish is a 1974-born IIM (Kolkata)-educated, boring banker turned happy author. The success of his debut book, The Immortals of Meluha (Book 1 of the Shiva Trilogy), encouraged him to give up a fourteen-year-old career in financial services to focus on writing. He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions. Amish’s books have sold more than 5.5 million copies and have been translated into over 19 languages.

Bhavna Roy was educated in Mussoorie, Pune and Mumbai. After graduating in psychology from Mumbai University, she worked first as a volunteer in a school for Stories can be entertaining and educative. They can also be insightful and illuminating, especially when they have travelled from generation to generation, through the centuries, taking on and eliding new meanings with each retelling. In this genre-bending book, the first of a series, Amish and Bhavna Roy dive into the precious treasure trove of the ancient Indian epics as well as the vast and complex universe of Meluha to explore some of the key concepts of Indian philosophy. What is the ideal interplay between thought and action, taking and giving, self-love and sacrifice? How can we tell right from wrong? What can we do to bring out the best in ourselves, and to live a life with purpose and meaning, not just one fueled by the ego and material needs? The answers lie in these simple and wise interpretations of our favourite stories by a lovable cast of characters who youll enjoy getting to know. special children in Malegaon, and later in an NGO in Nashik called SOS. She is the wife of the late Himanshu Roy IPS, senior police officer of the Maharashtra cadre. She lives in Mumbai.

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