I Know It’s You!

Samridhi Girotra – m/o Twin Daughters

I Know It’s You!

Memories stay with us forever, people don’t, a mere realisation would have made me a better person, 21 years ago. I had yet to learn to handle emotions, my wings still weren’t strong enough to trust, leave alone flying. I had yet to stand on my feet, to be able to fight my own battles, but life had something else in store for me, something unseen, and something I couldn’t even comprehend. I lost my best friend, my mother. We believe, parents are here to stay with us forever and we take them for granted. I was no different, but when I look back I realise, I did not lose her, not even for a second, she was and still is with me, in me, I have belief! For whatever step I took, there was just one thing on my mind playing in the background, what would Mumma do if she was in this situation, how would she behave, how would she cook, even if she didn’t know abc of cooking, how would she take care of everything with a smile, without a frown. The answers didn’t really come at once, that’s how our mind is, isn’t it? And nature did play its role of challenging me, but, then who is afraid of challenges, that’s the example she lived by. She taught me to take everything in stride and stand up like a warrior. She use to say, life will give you many knock downs, but you decide, you want to dust it off and get up or give up, I chose the former, her whole life was an example, and it keeps playing like a movie in front of me. I am forever grateful for having spend as much time as I could (always wish it was a lot more, than what it was) but all wishes don’t come true. As so much I wish for that hug, that caress and the words of solace, no luxury in life could be as fulfilling. Something I realized when I became a mother myself. Maybe she’s somewhere proud of me, for giving me the best from her lot and helping me to become a better mother, myself.

“When the wind whispers to the leaves and they dance on a tune, I know it’s you.

When the sun rises with the freshness of a flower, I know it’s you.

When the moon shines from above and the light falls soft upon me, I know it’s you.

When my kids call me mumma, I wear your kind of a smile on my face, because you would do that too.”

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